Are you planning a challenging expedition, an unusual climb, or a remote crossing? Are you going into the wilderness, to world famous places, or are you planning an unusual vacation? Is it not in your power to take your own shots because you´ll be hanging from a cliff, jumping from a skyscraper, or steering a superfast boat?

As an expedition cameraman I will make a movie not only about the different places where you wish to go, but also about the variety of goals you wish to achieve. I have rich experience with nature and I am able to capture the moments that make a true expeditionary film. The presence of the cameraman will allow you to fully enjoy the dream of your journey.

An incredible variety of shots, with carefully selected music and a thought-out story, provides a solid base in my travel themed filmmaking. Wherever you go, I will give you all my attention so that I can create a unique film of cinema presentation standards.