My childhood was spent in the beautiful landscape around the village of Navarov, in the northern part of the Czech Republic. Studying in the field of tourism at college, combined with my deep-rooted desire for exploring, resulted in the opportunity for me to visit many countries around the world by the age of 26.

Shortly after graduation, and following various work experience in the hotel industry, I gave up my career in favour of a free life in the wild (following in the footsteps of travel writer, Henry Thoreau). Between 2010 and 2011, I spent six months in southern Europe and in 2014 I took a seven-month journey across Scandinavia.

My camera and tripod were with me at all times. I documented everything I experienced in my travels. I kept a diary and, when the mood arose, I would write a poem. In Autumn 2011, I premiered my first feature film documenting my journey through southern Europe titled „Two Dreams.“ In 2014 I began to publish travel articles and I completed my second book - „Into The Dream.“

I am constantly honing my skills in the field of filmmaking, effectively combining the worlds of music and action sequences, with the help of professional equipment and a feeling for composition. My father was a musician and melodic sounds to me still evoke strong emotions, especially when combined with imaginative shots, unique harmonic sounds and scenes.

I do believe that every video should have a story; whether it be a short, energetic and colourful sports advertisement, or an elegant, emotive and epic wedding video. For me, the real art is to bring the emotions to the viewer, so he can enjoy every single second of the corporate video, wedding video or sports advertisement. You will be sure to be moved by a Studio Navara production.